EP 356: Reader Question – Do you lose weight when you stop drinking?

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Do you really lose weight when you stop drinking? What happens from a hydration and nutritional standpoint when you remove alcohol from your diet? How do your decisions about what to eat tend to change when you’re no longer drinking? Annie Grace answers these questions and shares what she has found is even more meaningful than weight loss when it comes to not drinking.

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Highlights of weight loss and drinking alcohol

Our most popular question in both our groups and in emails are about weight loss and drinking alcohol. Here’s the highlights of this podcast!

  • There are no easy answers when it comes to weight loss and drinking alcohol
  • Some people lose weight
  • Water weight
  • Losing fast
  • Alcohol caloric density
  • Alcohol and sugar
  • Empty calories
  • Drunkorexia
  • Better decision making
  • Making goals not about behavior but about how you feel

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