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On today‚Äôs episode, Early shares their drinking story with Annie Grace. From their first drink at 10 years old to drinking box wine they found in a dumpster to the 12 years they spent trying over and over again to use willpower to control alcohol. Early describes themself as a person who’s living on the margins of society, a punk and a queer who has spent most of their adult life hitchhiking and riding freight trains across the country and drinking and smoking crack with bums under bridges. Now, at 32 years old, Early talks about what finally changed, how they made alcohol a non-issue, and the tools they have put in place to keep it that way.

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Highlights of Trying To Use Willpower To Control Alcohol with Early

Early kept trying to use willpower to control alcohol and it never brought them the freedom they wanted.

  • Drinking at 10 as a response to trauma and abuse
  • Questioning drinking at 18
  • Dealing with cognitive dissonance – drinking to escape but seeing alcohol as a demon
  • Trying to use willpower to control alcohol for 12 years
  • Exhausting the usual methods to stop drinking and not fitting in
  • Finally finding what does work and moving forward from there

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