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There wasn’t much alcohol around when Evelyne was growing up, just some wine on special occasions. She began drinking in college, eventually becoming someone who could always drink more than her friends and always wanted more to drink. But, since she didn’t feel dependent on alcohol, did well at work, and had never gotten a DUI, Evelyne never questioned her drinking. It wasn’t until she was taking a Monday night wine class – something that kicked off her drinking each week – that she stumbled upon This Naked Mind. Today, living alcohol free allows Evelyne to be more authentic in her work in the integrative functional medicine field. 

If you asked me about the one thing that makes This Naked Mind so different from anything else, I would have to say emotion. It is the emotion when people feel really ready to make a change, when they’ve had that mindset shift, when they’ve gone through all the materials and the methodology and they get this feeling that it’s not that they never get to drink again it’s that they never have to drink again.

And, interestingly, according to all sorts of new research, it is emotion, especially positive emotion, more than anything else that predicates how long a change will stick, how long it will last. It is emotion. When you feel excited about a change in your life. When you feel thrilled you’re making this new difference, instead of feeling deprived like you’re missing out, everything changes. And it really makes it that This Naked Mind can stick for the long term. If you want to know more about how to truly change your emotion around drinking, I want you to join me at nakedmindpath.com. It is the path to changing your emotion and changing your feelings and really finding freedom in your relationship with alcohol. 

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Highlights of Integrative Functional Medicine with Evelyne

Evelyne had a hard time lining up her career in integrative functional medicine with her daily drinking habit. She knew something needed to change. Here’s her story –

  • Journey from special occasion drinker to daily drinking
  • No rock bottom = no problem with alcohol
  • Discovering This Naked Mind during wine class
  • Joining The Alcohol Experiment
  • Going back to drinking and finding the third time is the charm with The Alcohol Experiment
  • Elevate Your Energy – learning more about integrative functional medicine and nutrition
  • Coming to terms with cognitive dissonance and compartmentalization
  • Nothing is black and white
  • You can’t break an association without giving yourself the other experience

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