EP 346: Reader Question – Why don’t my friends invite me out anymore?

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Have your friends stopped inviting you out because you no longer drink? Why does a positive change you’ve made for yourself seem like such a problem for them? How can you manage your expectations? On today’s episode, Annie Grace explores where this discomfort comes from and talks about the four characteristics of most expectations.

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Highlights of Why Don’t My Friends Invite Me Out Anymore?

One of the things we treasure most are friendships. Losing those relationships when we change our drinking can be especially painful. How can we adjust?

  • Friendships and expectations
  • No matter how positive the change is, it’s going to create anxiety within the friendship
  • There’s going to be a level of resistance
  • Accept that sometimes it will be hard
  • Sometimes people need time to come around
  • Sometimes people won’t come around
  • You’re changing for yourself
  • Their discomfort is about them not you
  • Have deep compassion
  • The 4 levels of Expectations
  • Not all friendships need to be maintained

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