EP 345: Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

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On this special New Year’s Day episode, Annie Grace welcomes Dan Harris, an Emmy Award-winning journalist and the co-anchor of ABC’s weekend editions of Good Morning America. Dan is the author of two New York Times bestsellers, 10% Happier and Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, the host of the Ten Percent Happier Podcast, and he has an app called Ten Percent Happier. 

In her book, This Naked Mind, Annie includes Dan in the acknowledgments for “bringing practicality and humor to the journey into the mind.” Today, she and Dan talk about how meditation breaks the spell and puts some distance between you and your thoughts — including different kinds of meditation, the benefits of mindfulness, how experimenting with the warmth of self-love and self-compassion can help you stick to your goals, hugging your dragon, and the concept of “dailyish.” 

I’m so excited you guys, because we are just about to start another live alcohol experiment. If you do not know about the alcohol experiment, you need to literally drop everything right now and go to thisnakedmind.com/lae. That’s L-A-E for Live Alcohol Experiment. And here’s the thing, this 30 day challenge is designed to interrupt your patterns and put you back in touch with the best version of you. You’ll know it’s that version that’s living the most joyful life. That version that doesn’t need alcohol to relax or have a good time. And that version that’s having more fun and is more peaceful than ever. Again, it’s a 30 day challenge. It’s live. It’s starting on the 1st so hurry up, go to thisnakedmind.com/lae.

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Highlights of Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Here’s the highlights of what might be our biggest and best podcast episode yet – the Ten Percent Happier episode.

  • Making meditation work and breaking down the misconceptions around it
  • Self-medicating anxiety and depression with recreational drugs
  • Unlocking your inner dialogue
  • Creating distance between yourself and your thoughts
  • Meditation as an addiction cure
  • “With meditation, things in your mind can hurt more, but you suffer less.”
  • There’s no silver bullet.
  • Self-compassion can be trained through meditation. The mind is trainable.
  • Self-compassion, which you could also describe as self-love, should be distinguished from self-esteem.

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