EP 344: Reader Question – How do I have the conversation?

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You know you need to quit drinking, but you are worried about what people will say. How will they react? Will they call you an alcoholic and think badly of you? What should you tell them about your decision? This Naked Mind head coach Scott Pinyard shares his thoughts.

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Highlights of How To Tell People You Quit Drinking

The very thought that you’ll need to tell people you quit drinking can fill many of us with dread. What’s the best way to do it? How will people react? What should you say? Scott shares his best tips.

  • The conversation usually goes really well.
  • Different approaches – “I’m taking a break,” “I’m seeing what life is like without it”
  • You end up holding a mirror up for those you drank with
  • Temporary reasons for not drinking
  • It wasn’t a good fit anymore so I took control.
  • There’s always humor as a fallback
  • Share as much or as little as you want to
  • If you don’t make a big deal out of it, others probably won’t either.

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The highlights don’t even begin to cover all the great advice Scott has on how to tell people you quit drinking. Tune into the complete podcast to hear it all!

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