EP 330: Reader Question – How was your journey going off antidepressants?

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Regardless of your relationship with alcohol, going off antidepressants is no simple task and something you definitely need to do under medical supervision. In answering a reader’s question, Annie Grace shares her personal journey, including what led her to begin taking medication in the first place as well as three key things that helped her not only as she eliminated prescription medication but as she continues actively caring for her mental health today.

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Highlights of stopping antidepressants –

  • 4 different meds by the time I stopped drinking
  • drinking on medication
  • on antidepressants since 19
  • postpartum depression and anxiety
  • timeframe to stopping antidepressants
  • how medication helped me to stop drinking
  • tuning into my emotions and feeling again

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I discuss my journey stopping antidepressants in the full podcast. Tune in!

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