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Helena Cavan is the owner and director of The Milestone Detox, a boutique juice and raw food detox retreat company based in the Cotswolds. Annie and Helena discuss how the toxins of alcohol affect our bodies and why the detoxification process can be so helpful during our first few days of going alcohol free. Helena also provides some really great tips for a simple detoxification process.

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Helena's Grapefruit Liver-Healing Juice Recipe

2 peeled grapefruits
1 piece of fresh turmeric root (at least one thumbnail big but more if possible)
Put through a juicer and drink, taking the following supplement or drizzling a tablespoon of fresh linseed oil into the juice. The fat helps the uptake of the color chemicals in the grapefruit and turmeric.
1x 1000mg omega oil gel cap supplement – we use Omega 3 linseed oil


Today I have a really special guest, Helena Cavan. She is known in the UK as the queen of holistic living. She’s the owner and founder of Milestone Detox. She has a unique sort of story and relationship with alcohol along with expertise about how to holistically cleanse your system. She’s going to be such an incredible source of inspiration and really practical information today.


When addressing detoxification for everybody, but particularly those pulling back on their drinking we will talk about the gut. Specifically, we’re looking at a bad bacteria that’s outgrowing its britches here. It needs to be reigned in. We do that by flushing it out physically or manually through colonic irrigation. In most cases, people get very embarrassed looks on their faces when I start talking about colonic irrigation. Often it’s something you have no experience with. As a result, the mind goes into all kinds of imaginations of what it will be like and what sort of experience it is. In all honesty, it is a very non-invasive procedure administered by a very experienced therapist.

Candida and Detoxification

What happens with candida is the gut begins to get flushed out. It takes two to three colonic irrigations to access where the candida is. Typically it hangs out quite high up in the large intestine. When first training and first setting up the detoxification a client allowed me to observe this. The therapist showed me the candida as it was coming out. Physically it looks like champagne or the froth on the top of the beer. It is literally fermentation in the gut. Just clear bubbly liquid. You think oh my word that fermentation, that rotting is in me, it’s living in my gut. Consequently, I’m going to have low energy and a low mental alertness because that’s weighing me down. Those nerves are connected to the brain.

Slowing You Down

What I like to share with people is that this Candida has a mind of its own. It really wants to grow and it really wants to be fed. The candida begins to say feed me, feed me and it gets really aggressive. Sometimes people are so hard on themselves that it is like oh I’m so pathetic, I’m a flake, I can’t say no. As a matter of fact, you have an alien invasion in your system. You want to get the alien out.  Blame the alien for what the alien is doing. If that alien is really driving you towards something then it’s kind of nice to be able to step outside, step aside and objectify the craving. It’s not  pathetic me, but it’s actually this thing that’s taking over my system and really driving me towards something.

The Unconscious Mind

Remember that working with your mind and aligning your conscious and subconscious brain together took you some time. Only you could do that for yourself, right? Comparatively, when you have a colonic you just lie on a bed and the colonic therapist does everything for you. There’s 20 to 30 gallons of water gently coming in, gently coming out. You’re getting flushed and cleaned out. Protocol is between 3 and 5 colonics within a week. Following, the therapist will do a probiotic implant injecting 80 billion healthy bacteria right into the large intestine or colon. This is exactly where the healthy bacteria needs to recolonize and be. People feel so much energy as a result of that. Healthy bacteria help break down our food and release vitamin B. Bacteria isn’t just for the decomposition of food, bacteria is also responsible for nutrients in the system.

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