EP 329: Stars Like Us with Aliza Kelly

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Today’s episode is a special one and a very fun listen as Annie Grace shares her interview from another podcast, “Stars Like Us: Astrology with Aliza Kelly.” Fellow Virgo, celebrity astrologer, and author Aliza Kelly digs into the mythology of Annie’s life – who she is and why she does what she does – and ventures into parts of the story Annie hasn’t really shared, especially about her childhood and upbringing. 

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Highlights of Stars Like Us With Aliza Kelly

This Stars Like Us Podcast is unlike any other I’ve ever done. Here’s some key points from it.

  • unique upbringing. I was actually born and raised in a tiny, one room cabin on the backside of a mountain at 10,500 feet, without running water or electricity. 
  • Parents didn’t drink alcohol. There wasn’t alcohol in our house. There also wasn’t sugar in our house. We had carob, not chocolate. We’d have honey and maple syrup.
  • Moving to NY after college, still not drinking much
  • Being told careers are made at happy hour
  • 26 and head of marketing for the whole country
  • My method – glass of wine, glass of water, glass of wine, glass of water, make sure I never got too tipsy
  • Going to the bathroom to throw up the glass of wine so that I could keep drinking wine, and just make sure I could keep up.
  • Replacing things I was doing for my mental health, or for my health in general with alcohol
  • Drinking almost two bottles of wine every single night
  • Trying to drink less
  • Forbidden fruit syndrome
  • Fighting with ourselves, this both wanting to do more and less of something, and then beating ourselves up for it, it’s really, really brutal on the human soul.
  • “I’m going home to my family, my husband and two young boys, and I’m bringing them the worst of myself, and they really deserve the best of me.” 
  • Why? Why is this different than it used to be? How is it that when I first started drinking, I could look at the bill and be like, it’s expensive I don’t want to do that anymore. Now, if I don’t have a drink, I feel totally deprived, and like I’m missing out. 
  • Committed to curiosity
  • I drink what I want, whenever I want.
  • Replaced all of the shame and blame with curiosity.
  • How alcohol impacts us
  • Finding freedom from alcohol

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