EP 326: Reader Question – Why am I so confident now that I don’t drink?

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What is it that makes your confidence skyrocket when you stop drinking? Is it something in your brain? Something else? If alcohol chips away at confidence, how do you get it back? On today’s episode, Annie Grace dives into these questions and shares her thoughts on what’s behind the confidence boost – from the science to the physical elements.

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Highlights of more confident alcohol free

What is it that makes us more confident alcohol free? Annie Grace has some thoughts –

  • You’re felling better physically
  • Better sleep = better outlook
  • The chain reaction of quitting drinking
  • Life gets more enjoyable and you get more out of it
  • We realize that we’re in control of our lives and that alcohol wasn’t doing anything for us
  • You realize your potential and value
  • Being intentional

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