EP 324: Reader Question – Does Annie Grace think AA is wrong?

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It’s a controversial question, one Annie Grace gets asked a lot. Does she think AA is wrong? In today’s episode, Annie shares her feelings about and experience with Alcoholics Anonymous, what AA members said to try to keep her from publishing her book, the label “alcoholic,” and what she thinks is the right way to get sober. 

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Highlights of Is AA Wrong?

So what’s the deal? Is AA wrong? Annie Grace shares her thoughts on this podcast. Here’s the highlights –

  • Nope, not at all
  • Originally people had no idea alcohol was addictive
  • The 12 steps can be helpful for some
  • Community is a great thing
  • The word alcoholic – good or bad
  • There’s no right way to do this
  • Find your approach Tune into the complete video for more on does Annie Grace think AA is wrong!

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Tune into the complete video for more thoughts on is AA wrong and the importance of support.

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