EP 323: Naked Life Story – Laura H.

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Laura had her first drink at 16. Flunked out of college due to partying. Saw firsthand the effects of drinking in her father’s alcoholic girlfriend. Got stuck in the server/bartender lifestyle, spending many mornings “gut rot hungover.” Yet, Laura’s goal was never to stop drinking. She just wanted to make her life better. From getting sober behind a bar to starting a business to discovering her sexual truth, Laura shares the details of her journey out of a life that was no longer serving her.

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Highlights of Greens Gone Wild with Laura H.

Going alcohol free with the help of This Naked Mind helped Laura do so many things she never dreamed possible. Here’s the highlights of my chat with her –

  • the party girl
  • exposed to alcohol use disorder
  • changing where you are doesn’t change who you are
  • getting unstuck
  • Discovering This Naked Mind
  • Beginning a journey of self-discovery
  • Starting Greens Gone Wild

Beyond Highlights

Laura’s journey is so much more than just the highlights listed here. Find out what she discovered beyond getting free from alcohol and starting Greens Gone Wild when you tune into the complete podcast!

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