EP 320: Reader Question – What is the pink cloud?

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The term “pink cloud” is generally used to describe a state in which a someone abstaining from drugs or alcohol manifests euphoria, overconfidence, and a false sense of wellbeing, therefore making them more vulnerable to relapse. However, there has been very little scientific research done on the pink cloud. On today’s episode, Annie Grace explores what happens to the brain and the body when you stop drinking alcohol and where that euphoric feeling might come from.

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Pink Cloud Syndrome

Scientists continue to research it but as we all know experience is often the best teacher. So many who find themselves on the other side of addiction have experienced it!

Highlights of Pink Cloud Syndrome

  • a high euphoric feeling
  • not everyone experiences it
  • can make you more vulnerable to relapse due to overconfidence
  • not necessarily a good thing
  • body and brain have to readjust
  • decisions equal freedom
  • why labels can be a negative thing

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