EP 314: Reader Question – How do I stay sober in trying times?

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On today‚Äôs episode, a reader who has been alcohol free for three weeks is struggling to cope with a stressful situation and wondering how to avoid relaxing with a glass of wine. What really happens when you use alcohol to relax? Do you feel better? How long does that feeling last? What are some other ways to manage your emotions in super difficult times? Annie Grace explains. 

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We’re All Under Stress

Many of us are dealing with various levels of extreme stress and sometimes we don’t even want to admit anything’s affecting us but things are affecting us. Giving ourselves grace and realizing that is awesome.

How To Stay Sober Under Stress Highlights

  • Celebrate yourself – celebrate how far you’ve already come and your awareness
  • Be super gentle with yourself
  • The power of journaling
  • Defining true relaxation
  • Numbing doesn’t fix the problem
  • Make a go-to list of all of the ways that you can actually feel better or distract yourself
  • Allow yourself to feel

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