EP 313: Naked Life Story – Amy M.

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Amy didn’t pick up alcohol until college. After graduation, she put it down again. People often found it curious that she didn’t drink. However, when she became a parent to special needs children, everything changed. Though well-intentioned, the moms with whom Amy connected supported one another by encouraging drinking and she began using alcohol to cope with life’s stresses. The logic that drinking wouldn’t change anything never worked on Amy; the fact things were never going to change was the very reason she drank. Though alcohol became very sneaky and difficult to break up with, Amy found the freedom she deeply wanted, even amidst a pandemic. 

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Highlights of Special Needs and Drinking

Parents like me tend to band together as our children are outcast. Parenting kids with special needs and drinking just seemed to go together.

  • Liquid lunches
  • Drinking because nothing will change
  • Drinking to cope
  • Anxiety, stress and all the feelings
  • Something needs to change

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