EP 308: Reader Question – What are the health benefits when you stop drinking?

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Despite all the studies and articles touting the health benefits of drinking, one thing is true: By not drinking at all, we can dramatically improve our health in so many ways. Listen as Annie Grace takes a trip through the body, detailing how removing alcohol from our systems helps everything from our brains and hearts to our skin and bones to our gut and sleep patterns to fertility and sexual performance.

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Highlights of the health benefits when you stop drinking

  • alcohol is the cause of 60-plus diseases
  • alcohol causes cancer
  • reducing your drinking or taking 30 days alcohol can lessen your chances of developing cancer
  • alcohol is a depressant
  • Drinking alcohol disrupts REM sleep, changing that allows you to regain restorative sleep
  • alcohol weakens the heart muscle but it can be strengthened again
  • alcohol disrupts blood sugar and can also cause weight gain

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