EP 306: Reader Question – How can I live without ‘The Alcohol Buzz?’

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Does it feel like you cannot live without “The Alcohol Buzz?” How do you challenge that belief? How do you rationalize with yourself that you can replace alcohol with something else? Can anything else really replace alcohol? In today’s episode, Annie Grace shares the science behind the “buzz” and how to navigate trade-offs.

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How do I convince myself I can live without the alcohol buzz?

Today a reader asks “My issue was the buzz that I get from drinking that first drink I’ve always loved that moment and the gentle fuzziness and easing of tensions. I know that I continue to drink in my vain attempt to maintain that feeling but never again achieve. How do I convince myself I can live without it?”

Alcohol Buzz Highlights

  • What is the alcohol buzz?
  • Artificial stimulation
  • Alcohol sledgehammer
  • How long does the alcohol buzz really last?
  • What happens after the buzz?
  • The law of diminishing returns
  • Life is a series of decisions
  • Is it worth the trade off?

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