EP 302: Reader Question – Why do you tell people to keep drinking?

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The first step in changing your relationship with alcohol is to stop trying to stop drinking. Wait. What? It’s counterintuitive. It’s controversial. It is what makes This Naked Mind – the book, the methodology, everything – so different from anything else. There’s a very good reason we do things this way. So, take a breath, let yourself off the hook, and listen as Annie Grace busts the myths and clarifies what exactly she means when she says, “Stop trying to stop drinking.”

If you asked me about the one thing that makes This Naked Mind so different from anything else, I would have to say emotion. It is the emotion when people feel really ready to make a change, when they’ve had that mindset shift, when they’ve gone through all the materials and the methodology and they get this feeling that it’s not that they never get to drink again it’s that they never have to drink again. And, interestingly, according to all sorts of new research, it is emotion, especially positive emotion, more than anything else that predicates how long a change will stick, how long it will last.

It is emotion. When you feel excited about a change in your life. When you feel thrilled you’re making this new difference, instead of feeling deprived like you’re missing out, everything changes. And it really makes it that This Naked Mind can stick for the long term. If you want to know more about how to truly change your emotion around drinking, I want you to join me at nakedmindpath.com. It is the path to changing your emotion and changing your feelings and really finding freedom in your relationship with alcohol.

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Why Keep Drinking?

I call it “the pause” and it’s the reason behind why I tell people to keep drinking. Personally, I didn’t find success until I stopped trying to stop drinking. That is what gave me permission to ask questions.

  • Why do I drink so much?
  • When did alcohol become so important in my life?
  • What do I need to do to make alcohol small again?

What should you do while you keep drinking?

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