EP 296: Reader Question – Do I need to quit drinking forever?

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Just because you get curious about your relationship with alcohol, does it mean you need to stop drinking for the rest of your life? How can you tell if you need to quit forever? In this episode, Annie Grace explores the concept of being 100 percent alcohol free – what the science tells us, the role of forgiveness and compassion when it comes to changing your drinking, and her personal experience in finding freedom from alcohol.

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Quitting Drinking Forever

Quitting drinking forever. This is such a concern. The premise of this question is fear. I would look at my glass of wine and I would feel like it was the duct tape that was holding everything together. It was the thing that was making me able to balance the big career, the two kids, the marriage and all of this stuff. I felt so attached to it.

The Scary Question

Because it’s how our society looks at this problem, I thought that if I even questioned my drinking it meant I had to quit drinking forever. That question created so much fear inside of me that I stopped asking it. Where else do we make it that a hundred percent is the only way you measure success?

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Finding Freedom

The truth is you have to really experiment and say what can I not mess with? What is true for me? That is where freedom is. Freedom isn’t in this rule that says yes if you are questioning your drinking the answer is you need to quit drinking forever. That’s not freedom or if you’re questioning the drinking, the answer is moderation but then you feel like that’s not freedom. Freedom is in finding out what’s right for you and deciding where your line in the sand is. Where your non-negotiables are. Where your freedom from all the thinking that makes us crazy is. Am I gonna drink today? Am I gonna drink tomorrow? Is it gonna be one? Is it gonna be three?

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