EP 294: Reader Question – How do you deal with the “romanticism” of the food/wine culture when you’re alcohol free?

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On today’s episode, Annie Grace answers a question from an alcohol free reader who recently found herself sipping sparkling water surrounded by people discussing and romanticizing the wine they were all drinking. How could she not feel uncomfortable and attacked? Is there any way to appreciate someone else’s passion when it doesn’t align with your own?

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Food and Wine Culture

I’ve lost all desire to drink however but hearing all the romanticized talk about wine and winery and regions and tastes and complexities really stirs something inside me. How do you deal with the romanticism of the food and wine culture?

The Culture We Create

We create this whole ambiance around it, this romanticism of the food and wine culture. What I want to offer you is that that romanticism is created in our minds. We do it culturally. We decide the dollar bill in your wallet has value, right? These decisions we make say that this is going to be romantic. We do it culturally and we can we can opt in to that or we can opt out of it.

In fact we can appreciate it without wanting to drink. Appreciate that human beings make beautiful things without feeling we need to drink ourselves.

I think often when we start to feel really uncomfortable with the romanticism of the food and wine culture it’s because we have a thought in our head that things shouldn’t be this way. That it shouldn’t be this way now that we know the truth about alcohol. Now our eyes have been opened we know it shouldn’t be romanticized.

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