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Reader Question – How do I stay alcohol free at a bachelor/bachelorette party weekend?

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Today’s question comes from a reader who doesn’t want to drink but is worried about FOMO at an upcoming girls’ weekend. What do you do when you’re planning to attend the kind of event where alcohol has historically been a linchpin for celebration? Annie Grace offers four ways to manage your expectations and set yourself up for success – from holding onto your power to finding the magic in your thoughts to using the ACT Technique to practicing “Duck Mode.”

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Highlights of How To Stay Alcohol Free At A Bachelor Party

I get this question all the time and it is about those weekends that historically we have just centered around alcohol. Like bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, hen weekends, etc. So how do you stay alcohol free at a bachelor party, bachelorette party, or a weekend away with friends?

  • Do not abdicate your power upfront. It’s so easy to give our power up front not realizing there’s lots of humans who don’t drink at all. So many times in history where people haven’t been drinking, where it hasn’t been such a vital part of things.
  • Give yourself the permission to do what you want to do – like stay alcohol free at a bachelorette party – instead of just upfront abdicating it. I know that sounds like a small thing but it’s really a big thing to believe in yourself.
  • As human beings we live by firm decisions. That actually shuts off the part of our brain that’s going back and forth and back and forth. I know for me when I make a decision about something I actually feel a lot of peace.

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Keep listening to hear more about how to stay firm in your decision to be alcohol free at a party. I also give all of my best advice on avoiding FOMO in social situations.

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