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Reader Question – How can I turn down a drink, but avoid saying ‘I’m sober’ or ‘I stopped drinking?’

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What can we say when we just want our drinking to be a non-issue? How do we turn down alcohol without making it a big deal for everyone around us? Can we use our tone of voice and facial expressions and body language to adjust the message we want to deliver? How can we tap into a powerful energy and shut down any further dialogue when we refuse a drink? Annie Grace answers.

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How To Turn Down A Drink Without Making A Big Deal Of It?

Amy asks “I love your work. It would be great if you could do an article, video, podcast on easy short ways to communicate to strangers and friends that you don’t drink. How can I turn down a drink? I would like to avoid saying I stopped drinking or I’m sober or I’m testing out what it’s like to not drink. I would like just a simple sentence that says to that person yes I’m not drinking and I’m totally in control of this decision. I’m stronger than the substance, that substance is weak to me and I want the sentence to be somewhat closed for a discussion unless of course the person would like to talk about how I did it.

Changing The Question Around

This is such a point for all of us that we go through. When I was going through my journey my question wasn’t how can I stop drinking, I shifted the question from how can I stop drinking to how can I make alcohol a non-issue? How can I make it small and irrelevant in my life? How can I make it so that it just doesn’t really matter? When I found the answer to that question I was elated, it was amazing! Then I would go out into social situations and I realized oh my gosh when I say I’m not drinking it’s not a non-issue for all the people around me it’s actually a big issue and they start questioning me.

One of the things we have to realize is that how big or little of an issue we make this is totally up to us and it’s the energy we bring to it more than it’s the words we say when we turn down a drink.

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