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Naked Life Story – Melissa

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Growing up in Australia, Melissa had no idea how powerful alcohol was. Drinking first popped onto her radar screen around age 17 and she began partying the same way all her friends did – blacking out, getting sick, being hungover. It was what they did and no one questioned their behavior. Melissa loved the fun and always found people who wanted to drink. At 35, she decided to try moderating her drinking. A few years later she realized she was an “I’ve had too much, give me another” drinker who never intentionally refused a drink. It was time to change.

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Highlights of The Power of Alcohol

  • Growing up in an alcohol free home
  • Being oblivious to the power of alcohol
  • Blackout drinking
  • Being consumed by alcohol
  • Feeling not drinking wasn’t an option
  • Moderating
  • Finding freedom from the power of alcohol

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