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Reader Question – Are you really having more fun in life without drinking alcohol?

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We hear it all the time. It must suck not to drink. Life must be so boring. But, did you know there is definitive evidence that removing alcohol does not strip away our ability to have fun? Did you know that it’s actually alcohol that steals the brain’s ability to have fun? Annie Grace explains.

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Is Not Drinking More Fun?

So – is not drinking more fun? I love this question so much that I wanted to answer it again now that I have even more time alcohol free under my belt!

In my own experience along with lots of different studies not drinking is more fun. Mainly because you’re starting from a point where you’re already in a better frame of mind. If you’re curious if your life might be a bit better and you might be a bit happier and you might have a bit more fun drinking less, I’ve got a free 30-day challenge. Every single day you get a blog post from me and a video from me 30 days. Absolutely free at www.alcoholexperiment.com I would love to see you there.

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I do believe for myself and for hundreds of thousands of people that have now gone through the alcohol experiment yes, not drinking is more fun. Listen to the complete podcast for more on what the studies say!

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