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Reader Question – How can friends and family support someone who is changing their relationship with alcohol?

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Can you easily refuse a drink or limit your alcohol consumption? Are you having a hard time understanding the way someone in your life is dealing with (or not dealing with) their drinking? If you are a partner, spouse, parent, child, sibling, or friend of someone who is changing their relationship with alcohol, today’s episode is for you. Listen as Annie Grace explores what is going on in that person’s brain — what might be causing them to not want to change and why, if they are trying to change, it is so hard.

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How To Support Someone Who Is Quitting Drinking

My first piece of advice if you want to support someone who is changing their relationship with alcohol is to work on gaining a better understanding of what they are going through. I know that my husband struggled to understand why I couldn’t just stop. Why wasn’t it as easy as just turning a switch off? His relationship with alcohol differed from mine. He couldn’t help me until he learned what I was going through and what my relationship looked like.

Chemistry At Work

Secondly, you need to understand that addiction is a chemical thing. It hasn’t really been a choice in a long time. Alcohol has acted exactly as it is intended to. Now our brain is telling us it needs the alcohol in order to feel normal. There’s nothing about that which we enjoy, in fact we hate it. So if you truly want to support someone who is changing their relationship with alcohol – do not tell them that it’s a choice. They are working at changing the chemistry of their brain. That is hard work!

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