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Naked Life Story – Meagan

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After being introduced to alcohol by a babysitter before she was even a teenager, Meagan drank for more than 20 years. In college, she took pride in her ability to go out and drink all night while continuing to earn straight As, maintain scholarships, star in a play, and serve as a spokesperson for the Rain Forest Association. Meagan’s career took her from London to Paris and kept alcohol so big she once drank to prove to a boss that she wasn’t pregnant. Her mother introduced her to This Naked Mind, and Meagan finally got curious enough to make alcohol small.

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Highlights of Meagan’s Story and Wanting To Feel Again

Meagan had a fast life with alcohol playing a significant role in it for so long. She finally reached a point where being numb no longer felt good and she was wanting to feel again.

  • Living a fast life
  • Learning not drinking was an option
  • Cultural drinking differences
  • Reading This Naked Mind
  • Drinking to prove a point
  • Wanting to feel again
  • Discovering This Naked Mind
  • Allowing all the feelings

Start Reading About How To Feel Again

Have you gotten tired of numbing everything and you find yourself wanting to feel again you should start reading This Naked Mind to learn how. Download the first 40 pages for free.

There’s More

Listen to more from Meagan on how she went from wanting to feel more to finding freedom from alcohol and the freedom to feel on the complete podcast.

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