EP 269: Breaking Up with Sugar with Molly Carmel

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On today’s episode, Annie Grace talks with fellow brain science lover Molly Carmel, an eating disorders and addictions therapist and author of Breaking Up with Sugar. Molly shares her story – from the beginning of her relationship with sugar in response to a childhood trauma to their breakup over 10 years ago – including how Molly ate her way through bariatric surgery and ultimately got rid of dieting, changed her relationship with food, and lost 175 pounds. 

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Breaking Up With Sugar

When it comes to writing Breaking Up With Sugar, Molly focused on her own story. It always feels a little bit divine, because she had all this personal trauma and wreckage. Then her professional life started to go through it. She makes programs for her sickest self and writes books for her sickest self.

Highlights of Breaking Up With Sugar

  • Childhood trauma leading to being food centric with sugar
  • 20 year cycle diet, weight gain and self-hate
  • Convinced sugar was not the problem because it was her solution
  • Wanting to help herself and help others
  • Detoxing from sugar
  • How the response between sugar and alcohol in the brain is almost identical.
  • What is a treat now?
  • Going beyond a diet and changing your relationship with food and yourself
  • The Anti-Perfection Plan

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