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From a teenager letting the good times roll in the Big Easy to the “cruise director” among her college drinking buddies to balancing life as a winery owner, wife, and mom (for 20 years) to removing alcohol from her life and becoming a This Naked Mind coach, Martha shares how she harnessed the power of her inner wisdom to reclaim her voice and intuition. She talks about the three big things that opened her eyes to her struggle with identity and purpose and the ultimate realization that she was the only one who could take responsibility for her own happiness.

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Highlights of Martha's Story of Removing Alcohol From Her Life

  • Growing up in New Orleans
  • Drinking superiority
  • Starting a winery
  • Loving the connection to people
  • The 3 big things that led to removing alcohol
  • Discovering The Alcohol Experiment
  • Helping others with removing alcohol

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