As a young teenager, Cheryl swore off alcohol when she saw how alcoholism, OCD, and phobias shaped her father’s quality of life. But, by 18 she was drinking, and at 35 she was a new mom suffering from postpartum anxiety and turning to alcohol to numb horrific visions of bad things that might happen to her son. When the blackouts started, Cheryl knew something needed to change. In today’s episode, Cheryl shares her journey and what helps her maintain an alcohol free life.

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Postpartum Anxiety and Alcohol

Highlights of Cheryl’s story –

  • Growing up with an alcoholic father who suffered from mental health issues
  • Being the boxed wine girl
  • Bad choices, bad marriage, DWI
  • Babies and postpartum anxiety
  • Drinking to numb
  • The tipping point – unable to parent
  • Getting A Naked Life


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To hear more on how Cheryl overcame postpartum anxiety and alcohol use make sure to listen to the complete podcast.

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