EP 262: Reader Question – How do I deal with death and grief without alcohol

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“My husband passed away suddenly of a heart attack three weeks ago, and I started drinking again,” writes Jan. Is it really possible to get through the death of a loved one and endure all the grief without alcohol? What does alcohol actually do to our brains in times of stress? How can we manage the pain vs. numbing it? Annie Grace explains.

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Grief Without Alcohol

There is nothing harder then losing someone who you love so much. Right now you want to be gentle with yourself and to give yourself grace.

I’m going to teach you some of the things that you probably need to know about how alcohol affects the brain during times of high stress and why processing grief without alcohol is so important.

A Trigger

For most of us drinking was really something that was more or less take it or leave it until something happened. It wasn’t necessarily a specific pinpoint moment but until life got stressful and something happened where all of a sudden drinking started to be something that you did for for stress and for self medication and that was really where things took off.

Hedonic Threshold

Dr. Kevin McCauley says we have something called a hedonic threshold. The hedonic threshold can be looked at in the same way as your body temperature. You have a threshold where we’re trying to maintain a natural sense of well-being and if you are fall below your threshold you can do things to bring yourself back up. So many studies show that real addiction can be born from times of severe pain, trauma, grief and stress.

Science Behind Processing Grief Without Alcohol

There is so much science behind why we turn to alcohol when it comes to our emotions. Discover the truth when you start reading This Naked Mind for free today!

Tune In

Keep listening to learn more about the dealing with grief without alcohol.

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Relationships Hurt By Drinking

It’s no surprise that many of us experience relationships hurt by drinking. Alcohol causes us to be selfish and self centered and in the process we hurt those we love. Once we stop drinking we want to find ways to mend those relationships.

One of the things to keep in mind when mending relationships hurt by drinking is that nothing happens overnight. The rift didn’t appear overnight and the healing won’t happen immediately either. One of the best ways to mend relationships hurt by drinking is through time and by your behavior. Just as you had to change your beliefs and experiences about alcohol to stop drinking, those in relationships hurt by alcohol will need to observe the changes in you as well to change their beliefs.


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