If you abstain from alcohol during the week and only drink on the weekends, can you still reap all the amazing benefits of sobriety? Great question! What happens to your body when you introduce alcohol just once or twice each week? Do the sober days just cancel it out? How do your alcohol free days differ from someone who doesn’t drink at all? Annie Grace explains. 

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Top Two Positive Effects of Sobriety

1) Presence – You stop living your life just looking forward to the weekends.It turns down the noise in all sorts of ways. Less regret, but then also, less just wishing you were somewhere you weren’t. Because what alcohol does is it creates the sense of anticipation for this false pleasure that it delivers. And so, we live in that state of anticipation, but it’s false anticipation because what it does is really distract us from the moments that we’re in and that are to be enjoyed anyway.

2) Less Lows – Alcohol masks itself as feeling good just because it’s ending the low that it created. So alcohol, you drink 15 drinks Saturday night, it creates this massive low on Sunday. And that’s really obvious because you know you feel miserable, you know you feel anxious, you know you are full of regret, you know you feel hung over. So you’re like, “Okay, so Sunday it created a low.” What you don’t realize is that Monday you still have a low, Tuesday you still have low, Wednesday you still have a low. That drink on Wednesday brings you back up, not because it’s really bringing you back up naturally, but for two reasons.

False Highs

One, it artificially stimulates part of your brain, artificially releases dopamine. And two, it is bringing back up some of the lows that your drinking, even though it was Saturday night, created. So you live in this constant state of lack of normal energy, lack of excitement for a lot of things, living for the weekends, living for those times of binge drinking. All of those things are erased when you just make a decision to stop drinking.

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