Relationships. We talk a ton about relationships in our programs and coaching and online communities. What if you stop drinking but your spouse doesn’t? Can you hang out with drinking friends once you’ve stopped? How do you meet other alcohol free people and make non-drinking friends? Today, This Naked Mind head coach Scott Pinyard answers questions about relationships. 

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Relationships With Scott Pinyard

It’s Scott Pinyard, head coach of This Naked Mind and I am back with another edition of coaching questions. This month we are covering relationships and so I’ve gone into the question bank and I’ve pulled out various different questions that have to do with relationships. I will say that relationships in general, whether it be with a significant other or with friends or just community, these are questions that we talk about a lot in our programs. One of the big things to understand when you go through this change, when you want to change your drinking is that it will have effects in these different areas. And so one common area of concern is how do I manage this?

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Highlights on Relationships

  • My spouse still drinks. What’s the best way for me to navigate this situation?
  • Know what you want and let them know how to support you.
  • Meeting your own needs
  • What do you mean I don’t have to quit drinking?
  • Maintaining friendships and a social life
  • The keys to creating alcohol free friendships

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