EP 256: Reader Question – How to loosen up for sex without alcohol

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When we’ve always perceived and used alcohol as an aphrodisiac, something we need to loosen up for sex, finding a way to relax with our partners without booze can be a big challenge. Did you know that sex and orgasm can create some of the same euphoria as a drug when it hits the pleasure center for your brain? Did you know that orgasm is a far more powerful relaxant than alcohol? This is great news! So, what can we do to build true connection and intimacy in our alcohol-free relationships? Annie Grace explores.

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Sex Without Alcohol

I’ve put together seven ways to look at this and address how to loosen up for sex without alcohol.

1. Massage

I think I like massage especially like back massage and laying down massage they’re just things that get us in a relaxed frame of mind and a relaxed state of being.

2. Realize that alcohol is absolutely not an aphrodisiac.

It doesn’t do anything to accelerate or enhance any aspect of your brain or your body. It doesn’t do anything to enhance sex or pleasure from sex. What it does is it lowers your inhibition, it lowers your brain’s ability to make good decisions in the moment. It lowers your inhibitions and not only good decisions at the moment but it just takes down like your inhibitions. What that means is a lot of the stuff that you get from the bottle is actually in you anyway.

3. Start to work on some of your beliefs so you can loosen up for sex without alcohol.

If you start to get involved with your partner and all of a sudden these thoughts start coming in your head and they’re like oh but what about this? But what about that? But you shouldn’t do this? It’s like these thoughts that are just killers. I would always go back to working on your thinking. So you don’t have to do it in the moment but just notice one or two of the things that creep into your head that really killed the mood for you.

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