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Reader Question – Is allowing my teenager to drink dangerous?

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As parents, we’re constantly agonizing over decisions we make for our children. We want to keep them safe and healthy and set them up for success as adults. If we allow our teenagers to drink alcohol, will it create more problems for them in the future or will it teach them responsibility and how to drink in moderation? What happens to our kids when we attach alcohol to emotional milestones in their lives? Annie Grace shares some research and offers her thoughts.

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Letting Teens Drink

The discussion on letting teens drink is such a sensitive topic. The best way to approach anything like this is to be present and a really good influence yourself.

We tend to talk to people we trust and who accept us as is – no matter what. Those people are the people we tend to ask for advice. So if someone wants to ask you about letting teens drink become the person who is accepting and is going to be trusting.

Sharing Your Knowledge

At that point you can share studies and say maybe it’s the alcohol. There are studies that show very definitively that alcohol given to kids especially by parents at a young age, those children have problems more problems with alcohol growing up. That’s a definite correlation. If you say that by letting teens drink it is going to teach them to drink responsibly – that isn’t true.

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