EP 253: Sleep, with Michael Gradisar

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In today’s episode, sleep psychologist and researcher Michael Gradisar joins Annie Grace to talk about how the first stages of removing alcohol are like insomnia and how sleep deprivation keeps us trapped in the vicious cycle of starting and stopping drinking. Michael explains how sleep hygiene and cognitive behavior therapy techniques help invite sleep and talks about how dreams can help in our journey to become and remain alcohol free.

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Meet Michael Gradisar

Dr. Michael Gradisar is a Professor in Clinical Child Psychology and Director and Clinical Psychologist at the Child & Adolescent Sleep Clinic at Flinders University. Dr. Gradisar has specialized in the treatment of pediatric sleep problems since 2006. He has provided training to over 420 psychologists throughout Australia on the treatment of pediatric sleep disorders, and published several research studies evaluating the treatment of insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders in children, adolescents and adults.

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Highlights with Michael Gradisar

  • sleep hygiene
  • behavioral techniques for insomnia
  • our individual needs for sleep
  • sleep restriction therapy
  • sleep and vivid dreams
  • using sleep medication