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Reader Question – How can I say no to a free drink in business class or at an all inclusive resort?

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Free stuff … things we don’t buy with money. But are they ever truly without some sort of cost? How do we say no to free alcohol? What can we do to manage triggers that show up in situations when we’re accustomed to drinking? Annie shares some thoughts on creating success and happiness when it seems like everyone else is getting something special and we’re not.

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Free Drinks

Turning down free drinks can be such a trigger and a challenge when going alcohol free. Learn more about dealing with triggers by reading This Naked Mind for free today.

Worth the cost?

We’ve all heard that nothing in life is free, yet it can still be difficult to turning down free drinks when on a long flight or at an all-inclusive resort. We almost feel entitled to it.

When considering that free drink you really need to analyze the true cost of it. The cost to your emotional and physical well being. While your wallet may not see a financial impact free drinks can still carry a heavy burden.

With time turning down free drinks became second nature to me, I mean water is free too and so much better for you.

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