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Reader Question – Why can’t I get unstuck?

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“My subconscious does not want to change and it’s fighting my conscious desire to change … I feel like I need a brain transplant.” How do we move past the cycle of drinking and stopping and drinking and stopping over and over again and shift into an alcohol free life? Is it possible to give ourselves permission to go just one day without alcohol without worrying about never drinking again? How do we stop thinking about forever?

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Can I stop the cycle of drinking?

I did great until a friend came round with wine and I thought ‘a glass won’t hurt’. That was it- bang! Now, I’m consuming more than ever. I can’t get unstuck. Again, I am stuck in the cycle of drinking. Certainly, I’ve always had an issue with drink, specifically wine. In fact, I hate it but love it at the same time. Now, I feel I am beyond repair. I know and understand all the reasons why, the brainwashing, the chemical responses, from reading yours, Jason’s and Allen Carr’s books. Yet, I feel there’s something massive in my subconscious that does not want to change. It’s fighting my conscious desire to change tenfold so that I am actually drinking more than ever.

Need help to get out of the cycle of drinking?

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How to stop the cycle of drinking

Without a doubt, you can get unstuck from the cycle of drinking. Despite the fact it didn’t stick the first time, that does not mean that you are broken. Most importantly, it doesn’t mean that you’re screwed. It doesn’t mean that it’s never gonna work. Indeed, you can get unstuck.

The only way that you can fail at this is to stop trying. That is literally the only way.

If you keep trying you will get the help you need. You’ll attract the right resources to yourself. You will bring the right people, the right accountability. You will get the help you need if you keep trying. I just want to throw that thought out of your head. Undoubtedly – you don’t need a brain transplant; you’re not broken.

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