Do people in other countries where wine is a cultural thing have the problems with alcohol that we do here in the U.S.? Is it just recently that our society seems to revere the wine stops, the wine clubs, the wine collectors, and if so, why is that? In today’s podcast, Annie sheds some light on the cultural differences and similarities between the U.S. and Europe, and she shares some frightening statistics.

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Global Drinking Problem

To answer straight off the bat – yes – we do have a global drinking problem. In my research I found that alcohol is responsible for 5.9 percent of deaths globally. In the U.S. it’s it’s just below three percent. For France, in men it’s around 13 percent for women it’s around five percent. Interestingly in the U.S. alcohol is the third leading cause of death. The first leading cause of death is diet and lack of activity. No surprise there. The second leading cause of death is tobacco and the third is alcohol and that is of course preventable.

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