Last summer, Gayle from Sober Bliss interviewed Annie (EP: 201 – Sober Bliss with Gayle). In today’s episode, Annie interviews Gayle. A married mom of two sons who was raised in the northeast of England, Gayle was not exposed to alcohol until she was an adult. Currently living in Spain, Gayle attributes her progression into daily alcohol consumption to the Spanish drinking culture. She and Annie talk about the wake up call that helped shift Gayle into alcohol free living, what keeps her focused on remaining a non-drinker, and how her family dynamic has changed now that she and her husband have stopped drinking.

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This Naked Mind Podcast EP: 201 – Sober Bliss with Gayle 

Clare Pooley of Sober Mummy

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    • Spanish drinking culture
    • Daily drinking
    • Loneliness leading to drinking
    • The wake up call
    • Getting sober curious
    • Finding freedom
    • Starting Sober Bliss

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