Unconsciously drifting back into drinking. It’s more common than you might think. What happens when we understand all the science and logic but continue slipping back into old drinking habits? Is it really possible for the brain to permanently readjust? Annie offers some great advice for staying mindful and continuing to build on alcohol free momentum.

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Non-drinker Brain

How long does it take for the non-drinker brain to emerge? Annie answers. For more of the neuroscience on addiction start reading This Naked Mind for free today – visit https://www.thisnakedmind.com/book.

I do think the brain can readjust to the non-drinker brain but sometimes it takes years. It was two years before I personally got off all the antidepressants I was on.

You Are Getting It

Often with the non-drinker brain, you actually are getting it but alcohol is so addictive that you drift mindlessly back into a drink. Even with just one drink you can very easily fall back inside this trap.

Eventually the euphoria of drinking wears off and sometimes life just feels flat at times after that. The truth is that is part of the non-drinker brain –

Life has it’s ups and downs and when we stop numbing ourselves we need to deal with all of those emotions.

More on the Non-drinker Brain

Continue listening for more on whether you’re truly getting it and how the non-drinker brain emerges over time.

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