Guilt … it’s such a common feeling. What if we didn’t try to fix ourselves? What if we continued to let ourselves down and maintained a hold on things that no longer serve us? Annie shares her perspective on guilt and how the time we spend on ourselves benefits everyone around us.

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Getting Over Guilt

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Questions About Getting Over Guilt

Sue says I have had my issues with alcohol and food too I’m two and a half months alcohol-free thanks in a large part to This Naked Mind. I was just thinking about all the time I’ve spent over the years online, watching television specials and reading self-help books to provide me with solutions to my eating and drinking problems. I was successful many times for the short term but never permanently. My question to you for a future podcast would be how do we go about getting over the guilt from all the time we spend trying to fix ourselves when I feel all that time could have been put to better use with family, physical activity, a better job or socializing?

You’re Worth It

When it comes to getting over guilt, I don’t believe that we should ever look at time invested in ourselves as a mistake. In fact, I believe that we should look at almost nothing in our entire lives as a mistake. Especially when you become aware of what’s going on with you. So if you think for me about the moment when I first became aware that I needed to change my drinking it was a very very painful moment for me. In that moment I felt a huge amount of guilt and regret but now if you fast-forward years later and I look back at that moment I realize nothing could have been possible that I’m doing now and my life that I have now was not possible at that moment.

The sooner you can realize that the things that are happening and have happened they’re all part of your path. They’re all part of what is you and those things are all good things. They all can come together to you and be used by you to be the person that you want to be. There’s no reason to be getting over guilt there.

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