There are so many beliefs that keep us trapped in the pattern of drinking. What if we are stuck on the belief that being a wife and mother is just easier with alcohol? What if we’re afraid to let our families see who we really are without drinking? Annie gives us some great advice combined with some tough love to help us destroy this sticky belief.

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Life Is Easier With Alcohol

Sharon says – “I used alcohol to keep myself being a nice wife and mother. I know the end result after a few glasses of wine or in the morning when I’m hungover this is not the case. This is such a big driver of mine, it’s a belief that I need to address. I guess what I’m saying is I’m scared of being my true self with them. That the true self is ratty and scared of intimacy so I use wine to help with this.


It’s common to use alcohol to help smooth over relationships. I think a lot of times we are afraid of what’s on the other side because we don’t know what’s there. The only thing we know of and that we’re familiar with is how we feel when we’re depriving ourselves of something we want. So when we believe that life is easier with alcohol – to help smooth over relationships or parenting – then when we don’t allow ourselves to do it we go into those situations thinking this would be better with a drink and this is miserable without a drink. Those sorts of thoughts mean that we never actually give ourselves the opportunity to experience it without.

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