She’s BACK!! After two years, Annie welcomes back Meredith Atwood, a busy wife, mom, athlete….Meredith spent more than two decades using alcohol to numb her feelings and avoid dealing with her “stuff”. After a chilling moment of realizing, without a doubt, that she’d be dead within a year if she didn’t quit drinking, Meredith put herself in permanent restriction from alcohol. She’s now written a book called The Year of No Nonsense and she’s here to tell us about it and her life on this side of sobriety.

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The Year of No Nonsense by Meredith Atwood
Swim Bike Mom

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The Year of No Nonsense

Meredith overcame addiction by running, swimming and biking her way out of it. Next she needed to overcome the nonsense that her life had become so she dedicated herself to a year of non nonsense. We sat down to talk about what that means in her life and the book that came out of it.


  • Blackout drinking
  • Becoming a triathlete
  • The eye-opening need to change moment
  • Realizing you can only control yourself
  • Moving forward
  • Knowing what to let go of

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The Year of No Nonsense, How to Get Over Yourself and on With Your Life will be available December 17th. Don’t forget that while you’re waiting you can also start reading This Naked Mind for free now –

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