EP 234: Reader Question – What causes a hangover?

Hangovers – a badge of honor for some. But what really causes this unwanted response to a night of drinking? From your endocrine, immune, digestive, circulatory, and filtration systems, you’ll learn the unpleasant response that your body has to alcohol – all in an effort to keep you healthy and feeling good.

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Most of us have experienced a hangover but really, what causes a hangover? Learn more and start reading This Naked Mind today.

We’re all pretty familiar with hangovers. It’s funny because there’s not many other things we do in life that we accept – “Okay, I’m going to do this tonight but I’m gonna feel really sick tomorrow and that’s gonna be okay with me. Somehow, hangovers have become this thing that we’re like okay – it’s just part of life.

What causes a hangover?

I can’t think of anything else that we purposely consume that we know will make us sick. When you’re wondering what causes a hangover I’m sure you’ve experienced the myriad of symptoms that come with it. It’s headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, confusion, dehydration and often elevated levels of anxiety, self-loathing, beating yourself up from what happened the night. All the symptoms are pretty common.

Answering what causes a hangover isn’t so simple. There’s a bunch of different things at play. First of all, excessive urination caused by the fact that alcohol is a diuretic. Alcohol takes water from your very cells. It dehydrates you on a cellular level you end up going to the bathroom a lot more and then you end up being incredibly dehydrated and dehydration has all sorts of nasty side
effects itself.

What else causes a hangover?

It triggers an inflammatory response from your immune system causing a stomachache or nausea, it also slows how fast your stomach naturally empties itself, drops your blood, it interferes with your livers ability to help maintain and regulate your blood
sugar and so much more. Listen to the complete podcast for more on what causes a hangover and how to be free of them!

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