EP 231: Gratitude with Scott Pinyard

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Here in the United States, we celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday! So, in the spirit of giving thanks, Scott Pinyard, This Naked Mind’s head coach, sits down with 4 amazing women who were members of the PATH (our year-long, one-on-one coaching program) at This Naked Mind. These ladies each have their own unique stories and experiences, but in these 4 short interviews, you’ll not only hear what these women are grateful for, but also how they’ve woven the practice of showing gratitude into their daily habits.

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Something Different

What I want you to listen for are the things that you can connect with, the things that they say where you’re like, “Wow, maybe I could be thankful for that.”

If you don’t currently have a gratitude practice, it’s totally okay. A lot of people don’t. After the interviews I’m going to give you a couple of gratitude exercises that you can start doing today to start changing the way you think about your life and your journey. So no matter where you are on the journey, these four interviews are going to be really helpful for you.

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Highlights on Showing Gratitude

  • evolving from being grateful for alcohol
  • how support can help in showing gratitude
  • being angry about showing gratitude
  • experiencing an outlook shift
  • The Five Minute Journal
  • Penzu


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