EP 230: Reader Question – Why do people drink after a workout? When they are feeling great?

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Does it seem strange to you that there’s a cultural trend toward drinking alcohol after a great workout? Why would anyone do this when they’re feeling so great? Annie educates us on how alcohol affects us differently after exercise and explains how this can easily become a habit for many people.

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Is there a scientific reason that we drink after a workout?

Artificial stimulation is what happens to your brain when you drink something like alcohol. Any addictive substance does this – it artificially stimulates the pleasure circuit of your brain. You might think okay that’s that’s a great thing but what you don’t understand about that artificial stimulation is that it ends with alcohol very very quickly. You have about thirty minutes of the upper and then you have two to three hours of a downer. That’s just for a single drink based on how your blood alcohol content goes up and goes back down.

When you have just taxed your body (like after a workout) you have a completely empty stomach. We’ve just been working out doing yoga sweating a lot guess what happens? You have that stimulation that normally would hit you is going to hit you harder. When you drink after a workout that artificial stimulation that would happen if you drank a drink on a full stomach is going to hit you faster, harder and longer.

That’s because your body has been really taxed in some way. Your stomach is empty, the glucose has really been processed from your muscles, so when you drink after a workout and influx a lot of sugar and carbs (which is what alcohol is) it will hit you faster and quicker.

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