EP 228: Reader Question – Does regular drinking dull your sense of smell and taste?

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After a few drinks, I feel like I can’t taste or smell as well. Is this all in my head? Or does drinking alcohol affect our taste and smell? Annie dives into the science behind what happens physiologically to these particular senses when we drink alcohol.

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Yes, Drinking Dulls Your Senses

Research that I found affirms that drinking dulls your brain’s ability to receive input from all of your senses so that includes smell and taste.

A study of 3519 men and women age 40 plus and drinking 4 plus drinks a day found that drinking dulls your senses. It certainly impaired taste across the board. There was a few different reasons for it. There’s nerve endings on your tongue that alcohol over time eroded and damaged so that damage to nerve fibers impairs. There’s additional factors also that contribute to drinking dulling the senses.

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