EP 226: Reader Question – Does moderate drinking make you live longer than exercise?

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Once in a while we see a headline about how drinking is actually good for you. Is this legit? Annie blows up this misleading information and gets a little fired up in the process! Annie shares research and statistics that will make you rethink these fallacies.

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Too Good To Be True

First off, let’s remember that you can’t believe everything you read. Headlines are intended to reel you in and one like this can certainly make you feel like you have permission to drink. I mean a 14 year study is claiming that drinking helps you live longer. That must mean it’s good for you – right?

Does drinking help you live longer?

Science says the opposite. Just two drinks a week increase a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer by 50%. This study is full of fallacies. Compromised of 1600 people who are 90+; this study doesn’t actually discuss cause of death which is a huge indicator of health issues from drinking. It also doesn’t cover whether those who are abstinent are abstinent due to medication interactions from other medical conditions or if they are abstinent because of past issues with alcohol.

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