So many of us have hurt the ones we love because of drinking. What’s the best way to go about trying to restore those relationships now that we’ve kicked alcohol to the curb? And how do I mentally prepare for the possibility that some may not be able to be repaired? Find out Annie’s best advice for how to start the healing process.

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Relationships Hurt By Drinking

It’s no surprise that many of us experience relationships hurt by drinking. Alcohol causes us to be selfish and self centered and in the process we hurt those we love. Once we stop drinking we want to find ways to mend those relationships.

One of the things to keep in mind when mending relationships hurt by drinking is that nothing happens overnight. The rift didn’t appear overnight and the healing won’t happen immediately either. One of the best ways to mend relationships hurt by drinking is through time and by your behavior. Just as you had to change your beliefs and experiences about alcohol to stop drinking, those in relationships hurt by alcohol will need to observe the changes in you as well to change their beliefs.

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