EP 218: Reader Question – I know I want to drink less but my husband NEVER comments on it – ever (despite my being obviously drunk multiple times!). Why is this!?

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It’s not like we all need someone to tell us that we’re drinking too much – we already know! But when it’s so obvious that we should probably cut back, why doesn’t anyone say anything? Listen in as Annie answers this question with some ideas as to why this might be.

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No one tells me to quit drinking

No matter how much of a scene I make no one tells me to quit drinking. I can’t understand why no one calls me out on it. Why would that be?

Have you found you have a problem with alcohol but no one tells you to quit drinking? Why is that?

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Silence Speaks

A big part of why no one tells you to quit drinking is they don’t want you to feel judged. That is a huge sign of trust and love in your relationship. Also, everyone wants you to make the decision for yourself. Not for anyone else. So if you’re still thinking – “No one tells me to quit drinking” it’s because they are waiting for you to make that decisions yourself!

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